Moving between the sun and clouds:

In the Bernese Oberland, in Valais or anywhere else in the Alps

on foot, with skis or crampons

from sunny rock to the cold north faces

from jagged icefalls to sawtoothed ridges, to ephemeral lines painted in the snow –

we look forward to accompanying you on your very own, personal journey of discovery through the mountains.


We are active in all types of mountaineering and we want you to benefit!

Guiding for us means: Crafting and adapting tours in response to your unique skillset and ambitions, helping you to grow as an alpinist – by reaffirming the best practices and techniques required to boost your confidence; making decisions with regards to the greatest possible margin of safety; avoiding objective dangers as far as possible... and of course accompanying you through some of the most incredible alpine scenery the world has to offer. 

Let our passion be your guide!