ice climbing

  • Cogne, Italien
  • Kandersteg
  • Breitwangflue, Crack Baby
  • Eisklettern Berner Oberland
  • Kandersteg, Reise ins Reich der Eiszwerge
  • Eisklettern Berner Oberland

Transient. Ephemeral. Suspended in time. Climbing on these bizarre formations is one of our favourite disciplines. We enjoy the preparation: to track temperatures, check conditions, seek out the best ice – and then "strike". 

Have you always yearned to hold ice tools in your hands; learn how to swing efficiently?

Or do you already have some experience and wish to venture into steeper terrain?

Are you interested in combining ice with rock (mixed climbing) or even pure dry tooling?

Should we pack the whole itinerary into a full weekend in the Aosta Valley; experience that Italian flair? Or make a 'smash and grab' closer to home?