About us

We are Sigi and Mano Schönthal.

    We met in the mountains and live the mountain lifestyle together with our children;

            Beside the lakes, on rock and ice, or in the snow.

                And we look forward to sharing our mountain life with you!

My name is Sigrid, but you can call me Sigi

As the daughter of very mountain-oriented parents, and having grown up on the edge of the Black Forest in sight of the main alpine slope, I have always been drawn to the mountains. 

After completing my teaching degree, I finally emigrated to Valais, where the dream of one day becoming a mountain guide started. In 2015 my dream came true; I completed my training and became a fully certified Swiss mountain guide SBV / IFMGA.

I am fascinated by all types of mountaineering – being active in the mountains all year round is what makes the job so exciting for me. From the cleansing snows of winter to the green shoots of spring; from the heat of summer to the rich hues of autumn – each offers endless possibilities.

To see the emotion in your eyes as you stand upon your dream summit surrounded by the beauty of the mountains, or after having mastered your first multi-pitch lead – that's what I'm here for!

Mano – what most people call me - is the short form of Manoach.

Born in 1988, I grew up in the small village of Leissigen – nestled between the foothills of the Bernese Oberland and the glistening Thunersee. The true joy of the mountains was awakened in me at the age of 16 when I joined the Swiss Alpine Club's youth organization. Through this I learnt the basics of mountaineering and, most importantly, met the right people with whom I could learn. One thing led to another, and pretty soon the desire to become a mountain guide was born. 

Since becoming IFMGA certified in 2014, I have worked purely as a mountain guide, and firmly believe that I have found my dream job!